Mission Économique et commerciale de la Francophonie - Gabon



AGROVERT is an agricultural cooperative under Gabonese law with a Board of Directors specializing in the production of corn and cassava in the province of ESTUAIRE. Founded on solidarity and competitiveness, our cooperative aims to pool between member farmer members: - Acquisition of production tools; - the acquisition of agricultural seeds and fertilizers: - acquisition of silos and storage warehouse; - The marketing and commercialization of the agricultural products of the cooperative; - Technical assistance and training; The AGROVERT company wants to be a sustainable and united economic model which aims to reduce production costs while offering quality products in a sustainable way.

Partnership interested in

Local representation
Stake in the capital
Technology transfert or know-how
Partnership agreement
Information exchange
Business projects development
Investment promotion

Company size

Less than 10 employees, turnover between 50 000 and 150 000 euros