Mission Économique et commerciale de la Francophonie - Gabon



GABAO-TECHNOLOGIES "G-TECH" is a company of Telecommunications with the ambition to provide Internet Solutions. In addition, "G-TECH" has many other competences as for example in the following fields: - Various technologies - VSAT - IPTV Bouquets - IPTV TV station - Computing (Wiring, network, - Hardware development / programming - Consulting - Inventions and Innovations, - Access Control / Rising Barrier - Home, Industrial and Urban video surveillance - Technological Management Tools - Solar energy - Sustainable development etc... to support with efficiency and as partner its customers and prospects.

Partnership interested in

Stake in the capital
Technology transfert or know-how

Company size

Less than 10 employees, turnover between 50 000 and 150 000 euros